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About New Generation Dance Studio

Our vision at New Generation Dance Studio is to provide students of all levels with more than just dance classes, but a unique experience in which the student can grow both mentally and physically as an individual and a dancer. Our highly trained and certified instructors have a wealth of experience in teaching and performing various styles and disciplines.

Here at New Generation Dance Studio, we have a passion for the art of dance and for helping others discover their inner dancer. We offer opportunities to participate in competitions and examinations but these are not compulsory and are usually by invite. We have 2 concerts a year and everyone is encouraged to perform and shine, though these are not compulsory.  Are you ready to join our dance family?  Contact us today to learn more about our studio.

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A uniform provides a cohesive way for dancers to represent themselves and their school throughout classes and performances. It promotes a sense of belonging and team spirit amongst students. When dancers are dressed appropriately it enables the teacher to be able to see and correct alignment, posture, technique and style.

BALLET - Pink leotard (can be purchased from Kingfisher School Wear), pink wrap around ballet skirt, ballet tights, ballet shoes, hair in a bun

SENIOR BALLET- any black leotard, ballet tights, ballet shoes                             

JAZZ & TAP  - Pink leotard( same as ballet), Black jazz shorts, ballet or jazz tights, tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes        CONTEMPORARY - Pink leotard (same as ballet), black jazz shorts footless tights, foot undies

SENIOR JAZZ, TAP & CONTEMPORARY - Any black leotard, tights, jazz shorts and appropriate footwear.

LITTLE STARS - Pink leotard, pink tutu skirt, (both can be purchased from Kingfisher School Gear), ballet tights & ballet shoes.

HIP HOP - Street clothing & shoes


Fees are invoiced on a term basis and will be sent by email at the beginning of each term. There is a no refund policy if students are away due to illness, injury, holidays or family commitments. A credit will be given if classes are cancelled by New Generation staff. 

There is a $35 enrolment/administration fee which covers insurance, copyright and a studio T-Shirt. This is charged for the first 2 children in a family enrolled in the studio. Other children in the family will incur a $10 enrolment fee. This will appear on Term 1 invoice. 

Our fees are structured on a sliding scale at New Generation Dance Studio, that means the more classes you do the cheaper they are, and they are charged per family not per student.

Fees for 2024: 1 class       $12.00

                         2 classes   $22.00

                         3 classes   $31.50

                         4 classes   $40.00

                         5 classes   $48.50

                         6 classes   $57.00

                         7 classes   $64.00

                         8 classes   $72.00

All extra classes will be charged at $9.00 each. 


From February 2024 the voucher system is changing and only people receiving family tax benefit will be eligible to access vouchers. We will register as a provider.




9.30 to 10.15 - New Generation Little Stars

3.45 - Tap (year 3&4)

4.15 - Ballet Bronze Star (year 3&4)

5.00 - Jazz year 3&4

5.45 - Ballet Silver Star (year 5& 6)

6.30 - Jazz year 5&6




3.45 - Tap (year 7)

4.15 - Ballet Gold Medal (year 7)

5.15 - Open Ballet Class (from 10 years)

6.00 - Senior Lyrical/Contemporary

6.45 - Senior Jazz



4.00 - solos                                              4.00 - Junior Hip Hop

5.00 - Ballet Elementary                          4.45 - Intermediate Hip Hop

6.00 - Senior Tap                                      5.30 -  Musical Theatre

6.30 - Private lessons                               6.30    


3.45 - Tap (year 5&6)

4.15 - Ballet (year 3&4)

5.00 - Junior Lyrical/Contemporary

5.45 - Ballet years 5,6,7

6.45 - Beginner Pointe



9.15 to 10.00 - Little Stars 3-5 years

10.15 - Little Stars 2 years

4.00 - ACRO Dance

4.45 - Performance Teams

6.00 - Ballet Elementary


9.00 - Little Stars 2.5 to 5 years

9.45 - 5 years & Kindergarten Ballet/Jazz

10.45 - 5 years & Kindergarten Tap

11.00 - Ballet years 1 & 2

11.45 - Jazz years 1 & 2

12.30 - Tap years 1 & 2

1.00- Private Lessons

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